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Looking for local wings – Atlantic Crossing Pub

I thought I had burnt out on hot wings, but nope.  It was time to get back on wagon and check out the hotness of the Atlantic Crossing Pub in the Roosevelt hood.  I got myself a nice pint of Boddingtons and order up some of their medium wings. The wings come out with a side of ranch.  They are large, not huge but bigger then the Wing Dome‘s.  The spice is nice.  Its not quite Franks Red Hot, but no taste of Tabasco either…

The first bite:

Wait, these must be over cooked… Still the flavor is nice, well the sauce was.  It has taken me a couple of days to figure out what I disliked these wings.  Am I over wings?  Were they over cooked? Maybe on the over cooked, but its because they were frozen wings.  You know like the ones you can get at the store.  They just never taste right.

Well sorry to say I will not be ordering the wings but I will go back.  The place is a cool joint with a good selection of brews, full cocktail bar, pool, darts, and they are Sounders FC friends.  Futbal.

Wing Score: 3

Good sauce, but bad cooking or freezer burnt.


Sounders Match & Goal

Sounders Match & Goal


St Andrews pub – Pass up the wings but drink the scotch!

Celtic playerIf you like soccer and you like scotch then you best be stopping by St. Andrews pub on aurora.  I do have to mention that you should pass on the wings.  I hate giving bad reviews so I will be frank.  The wings are small, very small.  Dry and over cooked, they might be freezer burned or the cook just leaves them in the fryer too long.  The sauce is ok, but nothing to write home about.  My copilot on this day had a burger, he said that was bomb and the fries were very good, but who does fries bad?

St. Andrews is a sweet little joint on the northwest side of Green Lake.  It is a soccer fans mecca in the phinny greenlake hoods.  The owner always has some sh*t to talk and has a classic ascent.  The guy knows his sports and his scotch.  What ever scotch you want he has!  Great pub, I will be back.  I just will not order the wings.

 Score : 2 (not ordering again)