A man in seach of the Emerald city’s best wings


St Andrews pub – Pass up the wings but drink the scotch!

Celtic playerIf you like soccer and you like scotch then you best be stopping by St. Andrews pub on aurora.  I do have to mention that you should pass on the wings.  I hate giving bad reviews so I will be frank.  The wings are small, very small.  Dry and over cooked, they might be freezer burned or the cook just leaves them in the fryer too long.  The sauce is ok, but nothing to write home about.  My copilot on this day had a burger, he said that was bomb and the fries were very good, but who does fries bad?

St. Andrews is a sweet little joint on the northwest side of Green Lake.  It is a soccer fans mecca in the phinny greenlake hoods.  The owner always has some sh*t to talk and has a classic ascent.  The guy knows his sports and his scotch.  What ever scotch you want he has!  Great pub, I will be back.  I just will not order the wings.

 Score : 2 (not ordering again)



Buckley’s spicy Guinness pub wing, good eats.

Buckley's All Rights ReservedHoliday time, time to take the people who work with you or for you out to show some appreciation.  In other words, get them drunk and feed them something good.  So I do my duty and show my thanks to two people who help me a ton at my day job and help me get paid. 

On this day I take my assistant and the man, the guy who makes sure my inventory is golden, out for some brews and grub.  Buckley’s on lower Queen Ann is the joint.  This little pub is a great place for sports fans and fans of good beers.  Check out the list!  My love for the night, Black and Tan.  But you know me, time for some wings…

Buckley’s has two types of wings, the Spicy Guinness or the BBQ.  I gotta go with the spicy Guinness, some on I’m drinking black and tans!  It really does not take too long to get me the wings.  One black and tan later here are the wings.  Good size, nothing too small.  Plenty of meat.  Mostly drumsticks.  The sauce is very bright red, I was surprised because with the love of the stout I would think they would be darker.  First bite, nice, a bit sweet, then there is a hint of heat.  Not hot or vinegar like Franks and not burn like like a buffalo style.  They are good.  I will totally come and get more!

Sometimes the best part about taking others out to eat is to try other pun grub.  The sweet potato fries are the chronic!  Make sure you get some with your wings or with your meal.  I also had this kick butt salad, Northwest Apple Salad.  No need for the full size unless you are hungry.

 Wing Score = 4 – I’m in to these wings, but not the best in Seattle.

 Next, please!

Cheesecake Factory has hot wings, what don’t they have ?

Well the wing quest is still on.  Number one in Seattle is Coopers Ale House.   I am grubbing wings almost once a week and hunting for all the great chicken wing love in this emerald city.

This weeks stop: Cheesecake Factory.

I was just planing on taking some garbs back downtown, but I made sure it was during lunch time.  My wingman is a coworker, fellow wing aficionado, and indulgent of anything HOT.  Well if you are in any city the week before xmas you know that the downtown shopping district is how do you say, chaotic?  The Cheesecake Factory was shoulder to shoulder.  20 to 40 minute wait.  That is why I love the bar, most of the time room, fast service, and always chatty staff.  BOOM.  Two seats at the end.  Time for some wings!

Fast service, did i say that.  I love the bar.  Here are my wings… Nice combo of wings and drums.  The are breaded and deep fried.  Then tossed in some pure franks red hot.  These are damn good.  A bit of grease because of the coating, but when did that stop you?

These would be perfect wings to cure a hangover.  Massive grease, great flavor, and just the right hotness.  There is enough to share as an appetiser or get an order for yourself.

Score 4.5 (damn good). I’ll try them again next time.


Glazed Chicken Wing Love at Gordon Biersch’s

Damn good wings at the Gordon Biersch.  They are a solid 4 on my scale.  A bit tiny and sort of dry but they are sweet, similar to the Thai chili at Wingdome.  Nicely glazed and they have a lovely crunch to them.  Short and sweet – just like these wings.

Score – 4

I will be back.  They do have some great beers, but due to the company I work for.  Zero drinking at lunch for me.

Green Lake Bar & Grill – Happy hour love

Sunday afternoon was on pisser of a day.  Honestly did you see how much rain Seattle got in the last 72 hours!  Way too much, but wings were still on the mind.  The roomate and I walked down to the Green Lake Bar & Grill.  Sweet little joint.  I will have to take the lady down for some dinner. 

Ordered up me a Trumer Pils, good clean beer.  Oh yeah, thank you for happy hour! 

5 wings only $3.50…. Garlic Buffalo wings

On my scale a 4

Really good wings. cooked to perfection.  Deep fried then tossed in thier own garlic hot sauce.  A nice vinager base.  Could be a bit of franks, butter, and a ton of garlic.  They paired awesome with my pilsner.  I will be back.trumer pils - proper glass

Best wing in Seattle – Coopers Ale House?

Last night I went back to Coopers Ale House on Lake City in the Maple Leaf neighborhood.  This place is a  smooth joint that I can walk to.  They do have one flaw, they are a UW Husky bar, but that does not stop  them from having some of the best if not THE best wings in the city.

I’m talking damn good wings.  As it stands right now they are the top wings in Seattle.  Traditional buffalo  style wings, hot and spicy.  I would think that the base could be a Franks Red Hot but there is way more to it.   Great mix of wings and leg (drumsticks), skin on, and zero breading.  I think that might be one of the reasons they are so good.  The skin.  Then again it really is the sauce.  Plus you get like 12-15 each order.  That’s a lot of wings.  Great for sharing.

Score 5 !

I be back for more, and more, and more, and more – Not to mention that they about 15 beers on tap!

First stop the Wingdome

Well I can’t honestly say this is my first stop to the Wingdome, but this story is about my first stop. 

The wingdome here in Seattle is now only located in Greenwood(had a second location on Capitol Hill but closed).  A fun an funky neighbourhood, which matches the joint.  The place feels like a small warehouse.  Its up on 80th and Greenwood Ave.  I can remember it was spring.  Just a bit nippy out but sunny.  We left the mutt in the car.  I will have to admit I was hung over.  I think every-time I go to the wingdome on the weekends I am hung over.  Anyways, we pop a squat outside on the deck.  Not sure what to think of this place but I’m hungry.  The good news, there are plenty of papertowels right on table, a whole roll!

Well here comes our waiter, funny guy.  Asks if we have been here before, “Nope not us” I say.  “Great, you need a sampler then”,  he says.  Well what is the sampler?  I took a peek at the menu and just asked for a beer.  Much needed at this point in the day.  Oh, they have Mac &Jac’s Serengeti Wheat.  By george what is this.  Let me tell you.

Mac and Jac’s Serengeti Wheat, is the sweet nectar of the gods.  Honestly if you like unfiltered beers with a hint of honey, you will love this brew.

Getting back to the sampler plate.  20 wings, 4 styles – just pick your poison.  Our choice: 

Traditional style 3 alarm

Sweet Thai Chili



Well, no kidding, I think it took 7 minuets for the wings to get there.  I bairley got my first beer down (side note – the pitchers are huge, thank you Wingdome).  Time to dig in.  They are good size wings, more actual wing pieces verse chicken legs.  I go directly for the 3 alarm.  NOT HOT, but tasty.  The wife, she hits up the Kamikaze.  Nothing special just teriyaki.  Next we both dig into the Rasta, yuk!  Finally we try the Sweet Thai Chili.  HEAVEN.

Let me tell you right now, order no less then a 4 alarm and please try the Sweet Thai Chili.  Honestly the best “non-traditional” wing in this city!  I have gone back many of times.  No mater what style I try, my favorit is always the Thai chili.  Hot, well more like spicy, with a sweet almost honey like aftertaste.  I think I might need some tomorrow!  But I digress, back to the other wings.

Kamakaze time.  You can make teriyaki wings at home plus if you want teriyaki chicken, go get some at yummies!  They are good, just not great.  I dont think I will order them again.

Now the Rastas were subpar.  I’m not sure if it was the cumin spice, all spice, or some other funk that put my taste buds in disagreement with my stomach but I will never, I mean never order them again.  Sorry Wingdome.

Time to get down to the ratings…

3 Alarm – Good, not spicy.  I will have to upgrade for sure.  I give them a 3 overall

Sweet Thai Chili – AMAZING.  5 overall with a hell yeah I cant wait to order them again.

Kamikaze – Pass, I like my teriyaki on white meat.  3 overall.

Rasta – NO WAY.  I cant rock these ever again. 2 overall.  You can eat them, they dont hurt your colon so, try if you like funk in your mouth.

Well that was just the first time I went to the Wingdome.  I have been there many more times since, and I will go again.  Maybe I will have to set up the post per restaurant?