A man in seach of the Emerald city’s best wings


Looking for local wings – Atlantic Crossing Pub

I thought I had burnt out on hot wings, but nope.  It was time to get back on wagon and check out the hotness of the Atlantic Crossing Pub in the Roosevelt hood.  I got myself a nice pint of Boddingtons and order up some of their medium wings. The wings come out with a side of ranch.  They are large, not huge but bigger then the Wing Dome‘s.  The spice is nice.  Its not quite Franks Red Hot, but no taste of Tabasco either…

The first bite:

Wait, these must be over cooked… Still the flavor is nice, well the sauce was.  It has taken me a couple of days to figure out what I disliked these wings.  Am I over wings?  Were they over cooked? Maybe on the over cooked, but its because they were frozen wings.  You know like the ones you can get at the store.  They just never taste right.

Well sorry to say I will not be ordering the wings but I will go back.  The place is a cool joint with a good selection of brews, full cocktail bar, pool, darts, and they are Sounders FC friends.  Futbal.

Wing Score: 3

Good sauce, but bad cooking or freezer burnt.


Sounders Match & Goal

Sounders Match & Goal


Look who ate some more wings…

Well I have been totally slacking on my blog for you and them tasty wings, but I have massive updates and reviews for you.  You ready… can you take the heat?  HOT HOT HOT HOT WINGS (sing it out, it sounds better).

Boom.  Wing time…

Lets talk about Wingmasters:

This little joint is in beautiful Ballard right off 24th.  Looks like a dive and is, but as we have found out some dives have great grub.  Plus cold brews.  So into the bar…

Its noon, lunch for me and my copilot.  Only one old and crusty belled up to the bar.  News on most of the tubes, but a couple have ESPN with subtitles.  No worries, we are here for the wings.  Good thing, because the bar back tells us that is all they serve for lunch.  Then she shows us the wall.  This thing has options, I’m not talking about nice menu, lots of stuff.  I’m talking about the McDonald’s of Wings.  There must have been 7 to 10 options of sauces and combo and the strangest thing I have seen on this wingquest.  Pork.

That’s right PORK… The other white meat…  They have friggen PORK WINGS!  Who would have guess pigs could fly.  Time to order.

Well the copiolt and I are different people but we both love wings, looks like we got to make some hard choices and play some rochambo.  6 Origionals, 6 Classic Buffalo, & 3 Pork wings with the sweet & spicy.

Now to play a little pinball while we wait.  $0.50 and we are still playing when the wings come.  Nothing special for display, just the wing-loveness.

I have to try the pork wings first.  They look like ribs with a little bit of meat taken off so you can hold them like a drumstick.  Damn, these things are good – real good.  I do like pork.  The sauce, is more like a hawaain BBQ then the traditional wing sauce.  Both the copiolit and I agree that next time we need hot and not so sweet.  They are PORK…  Please try them with any sauce, worth the drive and the experence.

Down to why you read this site.  Chicken wings, well these are.  I cant say they are great, but they are good.  They have issues but who doesn’t.  Too small is my first impression.  Just low on the meat and tiny.  I guess that could be good being that they might not have as many hormones in them but, come on I had 3 freeks out of my 6.  When I say freaks I mean the little half wings that are broken and kinda gross.  The sauces… GREAT.  Yeah I said it.  They are really good.  A bit homemade and a bit of store bought.  We only tried two types… there are like 7.  I say go hot and work your way down.  Ok wings, great sauce, not to bad for a lunch date.

Score: Solid 4

I’ll be back I need to try some more sauces plus the little porkers are bomb.

Get it done.  Pork wings @ Wingmasters.


St Andrews pub – Pass up the wings but drink the scotch!

Celtic playerIf you like soccer and you like scotch then you best be stopping by St. Andrews pub on aurora.  I do have to mention that you should pass on the wings.  I hate giving bad reviews so I will be frank.  The wings are small, very small.  Dry and over cooked, they might be freezer burned or the cook just leaves them in the fryer too long.  The sauce is ok, but nothing to write home about.  My copilot on this day had a burger, he said that was bomb and the fries were very good, but who does fries bad?

St. Andrews is a sweet little joint on the northwest side of Green Lake.  It is a soccer fans mecca in the phinny greenlake hoods.  The owner always has some sh*t to talk and has a classic ascent.  The guy knows his sports and his scotch.  What ever scotch you want he has!  Great pub, I will be back.  I just will not order the wings.

 Score : 2 (not ordering again)


Buckley’s spicy Guinness pub wing, good eats.

Buckley's All Rights ReservedHoliday time, time to take the people who work with you or for you out to show some appreciation.  In other words, get them drunk and feed them something good.  So I do my duty and show my thanks to two people who help me a ton at my day job and help me get paid. 

On this day I take my assistant and the man, the guy who makes sure my inventory is golden, out for some brews and grub.  Buckley’s on lower Queen Ann is the joint.  This little pub is a great place for sports fans and fans of good beers.  Check out the list!  My love for the night, Black and Tan.  But you know me, time for some wings…

Buckley’s has two types of wings, the Spicy Guinness or the BBQ.  I gotta go with the spicy Guinness, some on I’m drinking black and tans!  It really does not take too long to get me the wings.  One black and tan later here are the wings.  Good size, nothing too small.  Plenty of meat.  Mostly drumsticks.  The sauce is very bright red, I was surprised because with the love of the stout I would think they would be darker.  First bite, nice, a bit sweet, then there is a hint of heat.  Not hot or vinegar like Franks and not burn like like a buffalo style.  They are good.  I will totally come and get more!

Sometimes the best part about taking others out to eat is to try other pun grub.  The sweet potato fries are the chronic!  Make sure you get some with your wings or with your meal.  I also had this kick butt salad, Northwest Apple Salad.  No need for the full size unless you are hungry.

 Wing Score = 4 – I’m in to these wings, but not the best in Seattle.

 Next, please!