A man in seach of the Emerald city’s best wings

Ballard’s Bad Albert’s Chipotle Hot Wings

Well this little joint in the heart of old Ballard has some radical wings.  The joint called Bad Albert is right on the corner with a blue door.  One could call it a dive bar, but its Ballard, and old Ballard only loves the dives.

After a couple of barley pops with a bro, I get a hunger.  Time for some wings.  Only two choices, Chipotle hot or BBQ.  Come on, gotta go with the hot!  It took a little bit longer than I thought it should but well worth the wait.  Nice presentation.  The first smell – vinegar.  Made me a bit nervous but I was pleasantly surprised.

First taste:  Wow, there is zero, zero chipotle, but that is ok.  They are breaded and deep fried, a bit over cooked, but I’ll let that pass because the sauce.  Oh the sauce… Like I said not a bit of that Smokey classic chipotle flavor.  The were spicy, sweet, and there was that little taste of vingar.  Quite honestly these wings are really good!  Just dont think that you are getting chipotle hot wings.

Wing score: 4.5 – damn fine.

If you are in Ballard you have choices… Make sure you hit up WingMasters on the north side & now don’t miss out at Bad Alberts!


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