A man in seach of the Emerald city’s best wings

First stop the Wingdome

Well I can’t honestly say this is my first stop to the Wingdome, but this story is about my first stop. 

The wingdome here in Seattle is now only located in Greenwood(had a second location on Capitol Hill but closed).  A fun an funky neighbourhood, which matches the joint.  The place feels like a small warehouse.  Its up on 80th and Greenwood Ave.  I can remember it was spring.  Just a bit nippy out but sunny.  We left the mutt in the car.  I will have to admit I was hung over.  I think every-time I go to the wingdome on the weekends I am hung over.  Anyways, we pop a squat outside on the deck.  Not sure what to think of this place but I’m hungry.  The good news, there are plenty of papertowels right on table, a whole roll!

Well here comes our waiter, funny guy.  Asks if we have been here before, “Nope not us” I say.  “Great, you need a sampler then”,  he says.  Well what is the sampler?  I took a peek at the menu and just asked for a beer.  Much needed at this point in the day.  Oh, they have Mac &Jac’s Serengeti Wheat.  By george what is this.  Let me tell you.

Mac and Jac’s Serengeti Wheat, is the sweet nectar of the gods.  Honestly if you like unfiltered beers with a hint of honey, you will love this brew.

Getting back to the sampler plate.  20 wings, 4 styles – just pick your poison.  Our choice: 

Traditional style 3 alarm

Sweet Thai Chili



Well, no kidding, I think it took 7 minuets for the wings to get there.  I bairley got my first beer down (side note – the pitchers are huge, thank you Wingdome).  Time to dig in.  They are good size wings, more actual wing pieces verse chicken legs.  I go directly for the 3 alarm.  NOT HOT, but tasty.  The wife, she hits up the Kamikaze.  Nothing special just teriyaki.  Next we both dig into the Rasta, yuk!  Finally we try the Sweet Thai Chili.  HEAVEN.

Let me tell you right now, order no less then a 4 alarm and please try the Sweet Thai Chili.  Honestly the best “non-traditional” wing in this city!  I have gone back many of times.  No mater what style I try, my favorit is always the Thai chili.  Hot, well more like spicy, with a sweet almost honey like aftertaste.  I think I might need some tomorrow!  But I digress, back to the other wings.

Kamakaze time.  You can make teriyaki wings at home plus if you want teriyaki chicken, go get some at yummies!  They are good, just not great.  I dont think I will order them again.

Now the Rastas were subpar.  I’m not sure if it was the cumin spice, all spice, or some other funk that put my taste buds in disagreement with my stomach but I will never, I mean never order them again.  Sorry Wingdome.

Time to get down to the ratings…

3 Alarm – Good, not spicy.  I will have to upgrade for sure.  I give them a 3 overall

Sweet Thai Chili – AMAZING.  5 overall with a hell yeah I cant wait to order them again.

Kamikaze – Pass, I like my teriyaki on white meat.  3 overall.

Rasta – NO WAY.  I cant rock these ever again. 2 overall.  You can eat them, they dont hurt your colon so, try if you like funk in your mouth.

Well that was just the first time I went to the Wingdome.  I have been there many more times since, and I will go again.  Maybe I will have to set up the post per restaurant?


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  2. Brian

    Loving this site. I am a self proclaimed Wing connoisseur. We moved to Seattle about 2 years ago. And I’ve been looking for good wings ever since. My wing obsession started over a decade ago when I worked at the best wing joint hands down, Wild Wing Cafe. They are small company with locations all over the Southeast. wildwingcafe.com, If you are near one of these you must try it.

    Anyways, I recently hit Wingdome and was thoroughly impressed. The wings were a solid 4 and the atmosphere was a 4.5. I’ll be trying Coopers Ale House today and will give a update shortly.

    October 14, 2009 at 6:36 pm

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  4. Patrick

    There is a difference between a “Hot Wing” and a “Buffalo Wing” Let me explain…..

    Buffalo wings are based off a tangy sauce initially created by mixing Franks Red Hot and Butter. Variations of flavors have been created over the years, the bottom line is the “tangy” meets the “spice”. Many great “buffalo wing” places are not very good “hot wing” places despite the fact that their wings are very tasty.

    Hot wings are supposed to be HOT!!! HOT!!!! HOT!!!. For me, the Wing Dome is king for the “Hot Wing” The fives burn nice, the Sixes hurt and the Sevens will light anyone up. I have never tried their Ginger Teriyaki or Garlic whatever. I always go for the heat and no other wing place I have ever been to delivers the heat better than the wing dome. Just my perspective.

    This forum seems to be more about the best “wings”. Multiple categories exist and should be considered when judging. It’s only fair….

    Thanks for reading.

    October 8, 2010 at 8:20 pm

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